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The Problem of Smoking in Holiday Homes

Rather than stay in a hotel some people prefer to rent out their own private accommodation. The number of holiday-let houses continues to increase. The owners will naturally want to keep the place clean and inviting. They may therefore ban smoking inside. This may initially be a deal breaker for lifelong cigarette fans. The good […]

Using Wallpapers to Enhance Your Holiday Home’s Interiors

With holidays right around the corner, and you own a holiday home, you might want to fix a few things. And as you consider making a few tweaks to your interiors, it’s apparent that you might be thinking about working on the interiors. The Role Played by Wallpapers Like fashion, interior design trends move fast. […]

Guide on Using Nicotine Pouches When Visiting Holiday Homes

Are you planning a vacation at a holiday home and are stressed about your smoking habits? Maybe you have been trying to quit smoking tobacco and you are wondering if being in a holiday home or leisurely mood might push you into the temptation of grabbing a cigarette. Well, the good news is that you […]

A Holiday Home Getaway: The Therapy You Don’t Know You Need

Taking time off is a perfect way to recharge. Sadly, not every break yields that desired result. You may not find gratification in long travels because of budget constraints, the length of your break or simply monotony. If that is the case, then a holiday home getaway is probably the therapy that your body and […]

Timeless Wall Art Ideas For Holiday Homes

The need to have some wall art pieces in a holiday home often takes a back seat when planning for home décor. However, when carefully selected, an art piece is undoubtedly a great addition to any room, as it injects some interest and colour. For a fact, first impressions are critical. And when it comes […]

Looking after multiple holiday homes

The rise of Airbnb and other online holiday booking marketplaces has significantly increased the number of people who own a number of rental properties aimed at the holiday market. Looking after these properties can easily turn into a full-time job in its own right. This means that many owners of holiday homes start to buy […]


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