Holiday homes fighting cancer

In New Zealand, an inspiring woman is fighting for giving meaning to the lives of terminally ill patients of cancer: spending quality time with their families, in a perfect environment.

Ronda Amende: the power of one’s story

Ronda Amende is a case of a survivor aiming to do for others what was done for her. In 2013, Amende was diagnosed with intestine cancer and a single year to live. Amidst all the stress, a friend ceded her a holiday home, in a coastal area of New Zealand. Christmas came, Amende was undertaking chemotherapy and a new offer of a holiday home came by, in a different zone.

So far, chemotherapy worked, as six years have passed, and Ronda is still alive and well. And she did not forget the good times spent as a family. Not perfect days, but good days (“playing games, walking, being together). An ideal and deserved way to spend time after such a terrible shock.

Amende founded TimeOut, a non-profit organization dedicated to making holiday homeowners meet cancer patients so that other people can benefit from the same positive experience. So far, it’s New Zealand only such organization; when will the rest of the world feel inspired?

Holiday homes fighting cancer
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