Investing in a property in Paris is something that doesn’t need much explanation. The “we will always have Paris” motto lives on, and not only in cinema. The Parisian real estate market is still a very secure investment, in one of the most valued city centers of Europe. If you hear some voices concerning the decadence of Europe and the supposed turbulence caused by protests, try to see past the smoke of each day. Notre-Dame is being rebuilt, and the only ‘problem’ associated with it is that President Macron wants the works finished as soon as possible. Some people involved are complaining about that – but France can’t wait to see it ready.

Alternatively, you could go for a property in the French countryside, which has not lost its appeal neither.

Interest rates

A good reason to invest in France at the moment is the low interest rates promoted by the European Central Bank. While the dollar is keeping a strong mood, the time may be right to find a good bargain. If you need a mortgage, don’t worry. France is also an investment-friendly country (again, regardless of what critics say) and it is not difficult for foreigners to get mortgages from French banks. After all, France is used to being right at the center of globalization.

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