Timeless Wall Art Ideas For Holiday Homes

The need to have some wall art pieces in a holiday home often takes a back seat when planning for home décor. However, when carefully selected, an art piece is undoubtedly a great addition to any room, as it injects some interest and colour.

For a fact, first impressions are critical. And when it comes to holiday homes, wall art pieces go a long way in eliciting lasting impressions. But how can you choose timeless art pieces for your holiday home? You can start by exploring wall art pieces from Gallerix or any other gallery in your locality.

Wall Art Options for Holiday Homes

Holiday homes enjoy certain freedoms lacking in their urban and suburban cousins. This, however, does not mean that you disregard your tastes. To get you up to speed, here are some inspirational wall art ideas showcased at the Gallerix that can work in any holiday home.


Abstract paintings are strongly recommended for holiday homes for their ability to contrast or complement existing colour schemes. While paintings are perceived to be a safer bet in terms of universal appreciation, it is advisable to stick with thought-provoking pieces that inspire discussion.


Photographs are also worthy candidates for holiday home wall art. But it is always advisable to be mindful of your choices. Great photographs: needn’t be too generic. Be sure to focus more on abstract-style art pieces as they inject some colour into your spaces without creating some specific focus.


Poster art is incredibly popular at present. There is always everything to like about posters: their imminence, simplicity, and palpable quality on paper. In addition, these pieces bring back memories of the artists, injecting some throwback aspects to times gone by.

Art is subjective, and people will always hold varying opinions. As such, thinking through your preferred options and creating a mix that accentuates your living spaces is always advisable.

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Timeless Wall Art Ideas For Holiday Homes
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