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5 incredible holiday homes

Holiday homes are rarely a bargain, but you can get them cheaper or with a touch of luxury. Usually, it’s the premium features that stand out; but som

Florida: Vultures cause mayhem in a holiday home

A wealthy family from New York, owning a $700.000 property in West Palm Beach, were shocked to discover, upon their arrival, that their yard had been

Holiday homes: the dangers of Airbnb

Airbnb brought a revolution to the tourism and travel sector. Everyone can set up a short-term rental business, with fewer advertising costs and in a

Joshua Tree: the effects of short-term rental

Short-term rentals could become a problem to local communities, as is discussed elsewhere on this site. Usually, the problem appears in main cities, m


Brazil is a huge property market, in a country with over 200 million inhabitants, the fifth most populous in the world. Some experts recommend cities


Barbados is a small island in the Caribbean, stretching 21 miles north-south and 14 miles east-west. Less than 300.000 people live there – narrowly th


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