Valentino’s holiday home for sale

According to Vogue Australia, the luxury holiday home of Valentino, the world-class fashion designer, is up for sale. Situated in Tuscany, Italy, the property is listed under a $19.6 million price tag.

Having a swimming pool or a gym is no big deal. A running track surrounded by tall, old trees is nice, but nothing really special too. The 15 bedrooms clearly indicate that the property works as a palace, but many other properties could have that also.

History everywhere

It’s History that makes this house so special. It all starts in pre-Roman times: under the ground, there is a real Etruscan tomb from the 7th century BC. The house itself was built around 1750, with all the traits of that era still visible, in spite of some later modernization efforts. Their is also a plaque celebrating the fact that the Italian general and revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the constructors of the modern Italian state, once stopped there for dinner – he and his army. A few years before, a dignitary from the late Ottoman Empire – today’s Turkey – visited the property; that prompted the construction of the Moorish pavilion of the pool, as a gesture of sympathy.

Valentino, currently 87 years old, has owned the property for more than 30 years in a row. The palace, built by a Tuscan nobleman as a gift to his wife, mixes a 27-acre park with direct access to the main square of the town of Cetona. The fashion designer got some good rest and privacy, yet relatively close to Rome and also to the restaurants and other civilization benefits of Cetona.

The real estate agency in charge of the sale is no other than Christie’s International Real Estate.

Valentino’s holiday home for sale
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