Brazil is a huge property market, in a country with over 200 million inhabitants, the fifth most populous in the world. Some experts recommend cities in the Northeast, like Fortaleza. Check out these reasons to choose Brazil.


Northeastern Brazil has a tropical, equatorial climate, sunny and hot throughout the year, but the Brazilian coast is safe from hurricanes.

Big city

The metropolitan area of Fortaleza includes around 4 million inhabitants. The skyline is full of small skyscrapers, looking like a little São Paulo – but by the sea, unlike the big Brazilian megalopolis.


President Jair Bolsonaro has attracted a lot of criticism, much like President Trump. Both belong to the same political space and have shown mutual admiration. Like it or not, Bolsonaro has surrounded himself with economics experts linked to the Chicago School. Although it is still unclear if they‘ll provide Brazil with a solid plan for economic development, the government is surely business-oriented. And this includes keeping an eye on foreign investment. Did we mention that political relations between the US and Brazil are at a high, lately?

Weak currency

The business-orientation of the government doesn’t mean the Brazilian Real will suddenly appear as a reserve currency in the international markets. The currency devalued strongly during the crisis of 2013 and did not recover to pre-crisis levels ever since. It is not expected to do so soon, which means you will benefit from it.


Fortaleza is some sort of Brazilian Miami and thousands of people from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo flock to the city to spend the sunny days. Experts say that rental can assure an 8% net yield to investors. If you buy in the beachfront, your odds will be higher.

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