Joshua Tree: the effects of short-term rental

Short-term rentals could become a problem to local communities, as is discussed elsewhere on this site. Usually, the problem appears in main cities, metropolises able to gather international travellers. But the issue could also trouble desert communities. It is what’s happening in the Joshua Tree National Park, in California.

According to the LA Times, Joshua Tree used to be a “sleepy, high desert community.” However, over the last two decades, the national park was “discovered.” Over three million visitors arrive there every year. The result is that the small community, where everyone knew each other and life passed by easily, is over. Now it is a crowded place, with lots of people showing little respect and looking only to party.

800 businesses

In a community of just 9000 residents, their are around 800 vacation rental businesses. These holiday homes could be trailers, tents, containers, and much more. Residents complain about the music, inappropriate behaviour, or sports playing until dawn.

San Bernardino County states that it is illegal to operate this kind of business, but it is an unincorporated one, and their is no law enforcement. Maybe the authorities have to work on this.

Joshua Tree: the effects of short-term rental

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